Best Odors To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Did you know one excellent way of keeping mosquitoes is using scents and fragrances? While getting a professional mosquito control in Stapleton is the most effective idea, you can go DIY until then. Here is a list of the scents helpful for repelling mosquitoes!


All types of vinegar are perfect for keeping mosquitoes at bay due to their pungent odor. Mosquitoes taste objects with the help of their legs, and when they sit on vinegar, the chemicals released repel them. Moreover, if you consume apple cider vinegar, your natural body odor becomes comparatively higher in repelling these bugs.

That said, an exception to this is white vinegar, which proves to be effective only when you use it with water.


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Another super-effective edible item to repel mosquitoes is garlic. When you consume garlic, its compound-allicin blends with your natural scent and creates a mosquito-repelling mask. Apart from that, you can also place small pieces of garlic cloves around your house to keep these flies away.


Smoke of all types helps keep mosquitoes away as they prevent them from smelling your body scent. That said, you would need a constant source of smoke, such as incense, fire, etc., for this to work. Additionally, burning herbs is even more useful as it heightens the smell.


Mosquitoes greatly dislike all kinds of citrus fragrances, be it lemon, orange, or other citrus plants like lemongrass, basil, etc. While these odors are usually pleasant for the human nose, they release oils that repel mosquitoes.

Summing Up

Getting rid of mosquitoes can be tedious. Still, once you get a professional treatment conducted, you can follow some simple methods to keep these bugs away. In this article, you get 4 examples of odors that mosquitoes hate. Now you can keep your home and office mosquito-free without much effort!